"I LOVE coming to your office -- it's like a spa for my soul!"
~~ Abby, age 24

"I like that you don't judge me."
~~ Josh, age 15 "

I was a wreck when I started seeing you.  My relationships were all messed up and my drinking was out of control.  I haven't had a drink since I started seeing you five months ago.  Some days are really hard.  But my head is clear and I'm learning to set healthier boundaries.  I feel much more positive about my future.  I couldn't be where I am without you.  Thank you so much!"
~~ David, age 25

"Margie gave me reasons to believe things would change and get better.  She was there to talk to me when there was no one for me to go to when I needed help or to let out my feelings.  I did things that I now know I didn't need to do like cutting and drinking.  Margie was there to help me through the hardest time in my life when I didn't know what to do or what to say.  I was still trying to figure myself out and I didn't know who I was or what I was about.  Thanks to Margie, that has changed."
~~ Monica, age 15

"When I first started seeing you I couldn't wait to become an 'adult'.  I thought I knew everything back then.  Now that I'm 21, I'm starting to realize how little I knew then and how much more I need to learn, but at least now I feel pretty positive about myself.  I'm so grateful to have you as my therapist and guide.  I don't know where I would be without you!"
~~ Lauren, age 21

"You have inspired me to become an intelligent, strong-willed, good-hearted woman like you!  Thanks for everything!"
~~ Crystal, age 15

"I thought I was the only one who had problems like mine and who thought the way I did!"
~~ Tyler, age 16

"Thank you for always going the 'extra mile' for me.  I feel very lucky that you're my therapist.  Thank you for all you've done for me."
~~ Maggie, age 48

"In between our sessions whenever I have an issue, I always think, 'WWMD -- What Would Margie Do'?"
~~ Liz, age 20

"Margie’s guidance for our daughter is making a remarkable difference in her life. Our daughter came to her depressed and lacking direction. Immediately, Margie gained our daughter’s trust and respect. Margie has a wonderful ability to totally relate to teenagers. She speaks their language and truly knows their struggles. Our daughter enjoys seeking Margie’s wisdom and guidance. Margie is giving her the tools she needs to work through her struggles in a very thought-out manner.  She is incredibly gifted and experienced!  We are so grateful for the positive difference she is making in our daughter’s life!"
~~ Parents of a 16-year old

"Thank you so much for everything.  You changed my life!"
~~ Iriz, age 18

"You're a lot smarter than I thought you would be."
~~ Sarah, age 15

"I think you're a really great counselor and I feel really safe around you."
~~ Alexis, age 13

"I've learned that I'm not as bad of a person as I thought I was and that I'm not alone in the way I feel.  You are really an amazing person, Margie."
~~ Rosemarie, age 14

"6 years after treatment, Margie's words and the work we did together continue to inspire me.  Today, I am sober, happy, and free.  And I couldn't be more grateful to Margie for the role she's played in that."
~~ Jamie, age 23  (New York, NY)

"I am where I am today in large part because you gave me the strength, the wisdom, and the courage to move forward and to stop allowing the pervasive abuse that had permeated my family for years.  It has not been easy and at times I certainly wanted to give up but you showed me it was important to send the message to my kids that I was going be strong and take a stand to end this atrocity.  For this blessing I am forever grateful to you."
~~ Andrea, age 50

"Margie has provided inspiration in my life that can never be erased, 5 years after treatment.  If I have a down day, it's Margie's words that make me realize it's not all as bad as it seems.  I went from this shy girl, sitting with my head in my hands, to a vibrant lady.  The knocks may still be hard but Margie has provided me with ways of loving myself no matter what.  I can't thank her enough."
~~ Ruby, age 22  (London, England)

"My grades have improved because I got my issues out of me and I wasn't holding them in.  I've realized that I have a loving family and not everyone has that.  Thank you for your support, Margie!"
~~ Jeff, age 16

"I don't always like coming to my sessions, but I always feel better when I leave."
~~ Chris, age 19

"I love Margie.  I've had a lot of counselors and she is my all-time favorite!"
~~ Brianna, age 15

"I first started working with Margie to deal with dependence and anxiety issues. I had been to a therapist before but never really got what I needed. I've been working with Margie for almost a year and she has been amazing. Aside from being extremely clinically savvy, she is a very unique person. Margie talks a lot about aligning body, mind, spirit, and heart; I believe she can talk so expertly about it because she herself has aligned all of those things. Margie's genuineness makes you feel comfortable enough to open up and speak honestly from day one. Going to an appointment with Margie is like spending an hour decompressing with a good friend; it feels safe. While she lets you as a client "sit in the driver's seat" and "steer" your session, she subtly brings you back around to your work, in such a way that you think you've led yourself there! Margie listens intently, has a steel trap of a memory, and her words speak volumes. She has provided me with invaluable "tools for my toolbag" and because of the work that we have done, I finally feel like I've regained my independence and can live joyously without being ruled by anxiety. She has helped me to align my own body, mind, spirit, and heart and I would encourage anyone thinking about seeing a therapist to call Margie."
~~ Shannon, age 27

  "I can't begin to thank you -- I was lost and without hope before our conversation.  Thank you a million times for pointing me in the right direction.  How did we not know that our son was using heroin?  Time to go forward and do all that we can now.  Thank you, Margie!"
~~ Gail, mother of a 17-year old

"Dear Margie: I think about you often.  We are doing well.  I'm so proud of Emily and the choices she has been making this past year.  We've come a long way!  I've told you before -- and it's worth mentioning again -- both Emily and I reflect on what a huge difference you made for us.  We are so very grateful for you and your excellence in your field!  Plus, we just think you're a cool lady!  Hope you are doing well.  Much love to you."
~~ Jan, mother of a 17-year old, one year after graduating from therapy

"I finally understand that my parents splitting up wasn't because of me."
~~ Dylan, age 14

"You rock!"
~~ Sydney, age 12

"Thanks for the time you spend with me answering my parent questions -- means so much to me and I do appreciate it.  This teenage stage of life certainly is tricky!  When you told me that you made the decision to change your own life around, I took that statement to heart and have been using it for one of my many mantras.  Since that day I have been more positive, less anxious and feeling much more confident.  THANK YOU!"
~~ Jody, mother of a 14-year old

"Thank you, Margie, for all your help - and friendship! You have been instrumental in the growth my daughter and I have been able to accomplish these past few months. I am so grateful that you were brought into our lives when you were!"
~~ Tracy, mother of a 16-year old

"Margie, for as long as I live, If I never have anything else to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, there will always be you. I thank God, everyday for putting you in our path. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
~~ Becky, mother of a 19-year old